Boiler Servicing

Having a reliable boiler to provide hot water and heat is a daily essential. However, it needs to be regularly checked and tested to make sure all components are working correctly. An annual boiler service can prevent potential problems, avoid unwanted disruption, ensure maximum central heating efficiency and keep energy bills to a minimum. Regular checks of your boiler can detect whether something is wrong or stop any issues from getting worse. Vale Plumbing & Heating qualified engineers can help ensure you avoid future disruptions.

An annual boiler service can ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved. A boiler that isn’t working to its capacity can have a very dramatic impact on your energy bills. When carrying out a service, we inspect and test all of the boiler components and can replace any parts that are no longer functioning correctly. Thus leaving your home with a fully operational and efficient boiler. If your boiler is incorrectly installed, poorly maintained or not regularly serviced, it can produce carbon monoxide gas. This dangerous substance is very harmful and can even lead to fatalities, so please don’t take the chance and let us help instead.

If you’d like your boiler serviced then we are more than happy to help, prices start from £80 please contact us for more information.


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