Air Source Heat Pump & Solar Thermal

Vale Plumbing & Heating Services offer the most cost effective and eco-friendly way of heating your home. No need for costly replacement of boilers pipework or tanks. Heat pump installation is a relatively speedy procedure involving minimal disruption. An air source heat pump is a highly efficient device that harnesses the free low-grade energy from our surroundings and delivers this as useful heat energy. A heat pump also provides cooling in summer and the most efficient gas boilers claim efficiency of up to 99%. This is for the combustion of gasses only, not the usable heat delivered – this is considered to be around 70%. Conventional electric heating, though more efficient (in the region of 98%) is perhaps the most expensive and creates huge amount of greenhouse gasses during production. Heat pumps operate with coefficients of performance in excess of 4:1. This means that for each unit of energy used, FOUR times as much is delivered in heat. You can even combine your heat pump with a Solar PV system and heat your house absolutely FREE!

Vale Plumbing & Heating Services can advise what may be suitable specifically for your property, please contact us for more information.

air source heat pump



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